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Lawn Irrigation in Virginia Beach, Virginia

Enhance the look of your lawn and landscape with a lawn irrigation system installed by C & G Well Drilling in Virginia Beach, Virginia. This is completed after a complete well drilling service.

Well Drilling

At C & G Well Drilling, we take care of all permits needed to drill a well. To install a well successfully, we use a machine to drill into the ground and search for water as far as we need to go. Our drill bits are between an inch and a quarter to six inches in width. Our services also include:
  • Lawn Irrigation and Sprinkler Systems
  • Drinking Water Systems
  • Submersible Pump Systems
  • Geo-Thermal Heat Pumps
  • Ground Loop Systems

Lawn Irrigation

After we have drilled a well, we will install a lawn irrigation system so that well water versus city water is used to irrigate your lawn. Its benefits include saving money on your monthly water bill and making your lawn lush and green. For commercial properties, such as apartment complexes or government entities, we install rotary sprinklers and design grounds.
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Drilling a Hole for a Well, Lawn Irrigation in Virginia Beach, VA